A Day Of Fishing With Captain Stan Allen

Lannie’s family reunion was going great when we were surprised by Cousin Chris Moore and his son, Braxton, who invited us to join them for a day of fishing with Captain Stan Allen. It was a perfect day on the water with our favorite inland/green water fishing captain!
Blue skies, a light wind, cloud cover and glass like waters were just wonderful. Captain Stan took us to several of his secret fishing spots. We began the day catching spot tails. Braxton’s friend, Jennifer, accompanied us. She caught more fish than the 5 of us combined!
Braxton and Chris are competition fishermen from Virginia and they were surprised at what an accomplished fisherman Jennifer had become. The men may have been a little embarrassed, as well.
We enjoyed a beautiful day catching lots of trout, 7 flounders, and a huge red drum! Captain Stan is the perfect person to take you fishing. He is a wonderful fisherman but a very pleasant, intelligent and interesting person to spend the day with learning about fishing and our beautiful coastal waters.
Lannie and I invited the entire family over for a fish fry and we had enough to feed over 18!
Thank you, Chris and Braxton, for such a fabulous day! Captain Stan, it was our pleasure to spend the day with you.
Stacye C. Jarrell