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Tybee Island Mid Beach

The mid-island beach is most commonly recognized as the beach that stretches from 1st Street to 14th Street. This beach area is considered to be less crowded than south beach due to limited public parking and no public restrooms. 1st Street is where the mid-island beach is, and popular Tybee restaurants like Sundae Café, The Sugar Shack, Salt Island Fish and Beer, Agave Mexican Restaurant, and Cockspur grill are located. Other shops located off 1st Street include Tybee Island Golf Carts, Tim’s Beach Gear, Savannah Praline Company, and the Oceanfront Cottage Rental’s office. Situated between 4th and 5th Street is Tybee’s Memorial Park, where you will find sandy volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, and new children’s playground.As you travel from mid-beach to south beach, you will also pass the IGA grocery store and other popular Tybee restaurants and shops like the only grocery store on Tybee, the IGA grocery store located between 11th and 12th Street.

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