Tybee Wedding Venue and Vacation Rentals

Weddings on Tybee Island, Georgia

Did you know Tybee Island has an Award Winning Wedding Venue? The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel and Grand Ballroom looks like something you would only find in the movies. That is because it was in a movie! This 5-star Wedding venue hosts events 12 months out of the year and almost every weekend. The venue’s popularity has grown and includes a legacy of couples from all over the world.

Romantic Savannah’s beach

Savannah, Georgia is known as one of the most romantic cities in America. Savannah’s Beach, Tybee Island, is part of this romance. This romance is why Savannah is also one of the top Wedding destinations in the USA.
The Resort-like Island feel make it the perfect location to host your Destination Wedding.

Guest Lodging 

We are proud to be the exclusive lodging partner to the Tybee Wedding Chapel, their engaged couples, families, and guests. Weddings are all about the guest experience. Wedding guests have raved over the vacation home rentals we offer. Whether you are looking for an 8 bedroom Beach Mansion or a cozy Oceanfront 1 Bedroom condo you will not regret attending your destination wedding!

What Vacation Rentals are close to the Wedding Chapel?

At Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, our team of reservation agents are constantly asked, “What rentals are close to the Wedding Chapel?”.  Honestly, all of our rentals are a short distance to the Chapel, and our transportation partners are happy to offer their services! [Browse Rentals Now] Check out these vacation rentals that are just a “hop, skip and jump” to the venue!

Tybee Retreattybeeretreatvacationrentalontybeeislandga

Tybee Oasistybeeoasisvacationrental

Bay Viewbayviewontybeeisland

Savannah Beach & Racquet Club Condosvacationcondoontybeeisland

Escape to Tybee Island for a few Nights!

Do you really want to schedule a beach trip this summer but can’t get away for a full week? Our company is offering 2, 3 and 4 night rentals this summer! Availability is limited to certain dates and properties.

Summer Short Stay Availability
(Rates listed include all taxes and fees)

18th Street Lower: 3 Bedroom Cottage, with Hot tub located on the south end of Tybee Island.
6/15-6/17 (2-nights) $932.70

Goin’ Coastal #16 18th Street: 4 Bedroom on the south end, less than block to beach
7/13-7/15 (2-nights) $1,276.22

#20 Oceanview Ct: 4 bedroom, north end, stunning ocean views
6/1-6/3 (2-nights) $1,852.64

1 2nd Terrace:  4 bedroom oceanfront beach cottage , mid-island
6/15-6/17 (2-nights) $1,829.02
6/23-6/27 (4-nights) $2,548.43

13th Perfection:  6 bedroom, mid-island, one block from beach
6/22-6/24 (2-nights) $2,516.06
8/2-8/4 (2-nights) $2,516.06

1923 Chatham: 4 bedroom, south end of island, incredible ocean views
6/5-6/9 (4-nights) $3,688.49
7/28-7/30 (2-nights) $2,116.66
8/16-8/18 (2-nights $2,116.66

29 Lighthouse:  5 bedroom on  north end
7/18-7/20 (2-nights) $2,503.18

5 Driftwood Ct:   5 bedroom on north end with great ocean views
7/10-7/12 (2-nights) $1,796.14
7/24-7/28 (4-nights) $2,702.96

7 Palmwood: 6 bedroom oceanfront with private pool
6/5-6/9 (4-nights)  $5,268..06
 6/16-6/18 (2-nights) $3,514.87
6/28-6/30 (2-nights) ) $3,514.87

7th Heaven: 4 bedroom on south end with ocean views
6/10-6/13 (3-nights) $2,120.61
6/23-6/25 (2-nights) $1,558.38
6/30-7/3 (3-nights)  $2,120.61
7/14-7/17 (3-nights)  $2,120.61

3B 18th Place: 3 Bedroom on the south end of Tybee Island. Just one house back from the beach!
6/3-6/5 (2-nights) $1127.74
6/30-7/2 (2-nights) $1127.74
7/7-7/9 (2-nights) $1127.74

#5 2nd St: 2 Bedroom townhome that is steps to the beach. Excellent Views!
6/12-6/14 (2-nights) $806.03
7/28-7/30 (2-nights) $806.03
8/17-8/19 (2-nights) $806.03
8/24-8/26 (2-nights) $806.03

Almost Heaven4 bedroom on the north end with ocean views. Steps from the beach!
7/12-7/14 (2-nights) $1,852.64

Bella Luna: Beautiful 5 bedroom oceanfront home, mid-island
6/7-6/9 (2-nights) $2,491.09
7/13-7/15 (2-nights) $2,491.09

Blue Skye:    4 bedroom house on north end with jaw-dropping ocean views
6/27-6/30 (3-nights) $3,078.29
8/8-8/10 (2-nights) $2,516.06

CR-59 Captain’s View: 6 bedroom home with a private pool and ocean views!
6/16-6/20 (4-nights) $3,640.52

CR-Angler’s Retreat: 4 bedroom house on the north end with ocean views!
6/9-6/11 (2-nights) $1,190
7/14-7/18 (4-nights) $1,951.74
8/2-8/4 (2-nights)  $1,190

CR-Captain’s Lady: 7 bedroom with a private pool!
6/8-6/12 (4-nights) $4,905.33

CR-Mariner’s View: 4 bedroom on the north end, ocean views!
7/14-7/16 (2-nights) $1,327.07

Claire’s Rendezvous: 3 Bedroom directly Oceanfront with a Hot tub!
6/14-6/16 (2-nights) $1202.77
7/28-7/30 (2-nights) $1202.77
8/4-8/6 (2-nights) $1202.77

Victoria’s Beachfront Retreat: 3 Bedroom Oceanfront Townhome. Step right onto the sand!
6/12-6/15 (3-nights) $1587.20
6/20-6/24 (4-nights) $2022.47
7/12-7/14 (2-nights) $1151.92

108A Tybee Lights: 2 Bedroom Oceanfront with porch that sits on the sand!
6/15-6/17 (2-nights) $1023.67
7/21-7/23 (2-nights) $1023.67
8/2-8/4 (2-nights) $1023.67

108B Tybee Lights: 2 Bedroom Oceanfront with Spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean!
7/6-7/8 (2-nights) $798.01
7/26-7/28 (2-nights) $798.01

108C Tybee Lights: 2 Bedroom Oceanfront with Spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean!
6/24-6/26 (2-nights) $798.01
6/21-6/23 (2-nights) $798.01

2nd Ave bungalow: Private 3 Bedroom Beach home with a hot tub and screened porch.
6/16-6/19 (3-nights) $1160.85
7/28-8/1 (4-nights) $1438.94

Atlantic Jewel: 3 Bedroom condo located on the south end of Tybee Island. Excellent Views!
7/28-8/1 (4-nights) $1378.60

Bay View: Private 3 Bedroom beach home with Ocean views!
7/21-8/1 (3-nights) $1550.93

Bentley’s: 3 Bedroom Oceanfront Condo with private Hot tub on the balcony.  6/23-6/25 (2-nights) $932.70
8/4-8/6 (2-nights) $932.70

Brass Rail 103: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
5/31-6/3 (3-nights) $1159.95
6/27-6/30 (3-nights) $1159.95
7/5-7/7 (2-nights) $857.67

Brass Rail 107: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
6/21-6/23 (2-nights) $857.67
6/28-6/30 (2-nights) $857.67

Brass Rail 115: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
6/30-7/2 (2-nights) $857.67
7/12-7/15 (3-nights) $1159.95

Brass Rail 211: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
7/28-7/30 (2-nights) $857.67

Brass Rail 221: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
6/23-6/25 (2-nights) $857.67
7/12-7/15 (3-nights) $1159.95

Brass Rail 315: 3 Bedroom Brass Rail Condo with Pools!
7/13-7/15 (2-nights) $857.67

Captain’s Watch #5: 2 Bedroom Condo located on the south end of Tybee. Rooftop Pool!
6/23-6/25 (3-nights) $866.48
7/21-7/24 (3-nights) $866.48

Captain’s Watch #6: 2 Bedroom Condo located on the south end of Tybee. Rooftop Pool!
6/13-6/17 (4-nights) $1084.12
6/23-6/26 (3-nights) $866.48
7/7-7/11 (4-nights) $1084.12

CR-11 Seabreeze:  Private 3 Bedroom Home with Hot Tub located in preferred area of Tybee Island.
6/3-6/6 (3-nights) $1160.85

CR-Inness Free: Private 3 Bedroom Home located in preferred area of Tybee Island.
6/6-6/9 (3-nights) $1032.99
6/16-6/18 (2-nights) $773.03

Desoto 306: Luxury 3 Bedroom Desoto condo. Beachfront Pool!
6/9-6/13 (4-nights) $1732.29
7/19-7/21 (2-nights) $1006.83

Desoto 307: Luxury 3 Bedroom Desoto condo. Beachfront Pool!
7/18-7/21 (3-nights) $1369.56
8/11-8/13 (2-nights) $1006.83

Desoto 310: Directly Oceanfront 3 Bedroom Desoto condo located mid island. Oceanfront Pool!
7/28-7/31 (3-nights) $1829.02

Dolphin Lookout: 3 Bedroom condo located on Tybee’s south beach. Ocean views!
7/14-7/16 (2-nights) $774.05

Good Vibrations: 2 Bedroom townhome located in preferred area of Tybee Island.
6/23-6/25 (2-nights) $648.85

Evelyn’s Oasis:  6 bedroom oceanfront home with private pool!
6/12-6/16 (4-nights) $5,268.06

Heaven by the Sea: Gorgeous 5 bedroom home, oceanfront, with private pool!
6/3-6/6 (2-nights) $4,723.97
6/27-7/1 (4-nights) $6,477.16
7/8-7/11 (3-nights) $5,600.56

Island Bungalow: 2 Bedroom Tybee rental located on Tybee’s south end.
6/23-6/25 (2-nights) $890.67

License to Chill: 2 Bedroom Condo located on the south end of Tybee Island.
6/9-6/12 (3-nights) $866.48

Little Beach Cottage: Private 2 Bedroom Beach Cottage with hot tub and screened porches.
6/10-6/12 (2-nights) $723.88
6/30-7/2 (2-nights) $723.88

Madelyn’s: 3 Bedroom Townhome located within walking distance to the Tybee Pier. Ideal Location!
6/4-6/8 (4-nights) $1292.95
7/14-7/17 (3-nights) $1032.99

Mermaid’s:  Fabulous 4 bedroom house with large backyard and hot tub!
6/14-6/16 (2-nights) $1190.00
6/27-6/30 (3-nights) $1570.87
7/13-7/15 (2-nights) $1190.00
7/30-8/1 (2-nights) $1190.00

Ocean Breeze: 3 Bedroom Oceanfront Condo with Private balcony and Hot tub! Amazing views!
6/9-6/11 (2-nights) $932.70
6/16-6/19 (3-nights) $1247.07
8/11-8/14 (3-nights) $1247.07

Ocean Paradise: 4 bedroom oceanfront townhome!
6/13-6/16 (3-nights) $2092.36

Ocean Queen: 4 bedroom oceanfront townhome with hot tub!
7/1-7/4 (3-nights) $3350.34
7/9-7/13 (4-nights) $3640.52

Pelican Point #1: 3 Bedroom condo located within walking distance to Tybee’s famous Pier.
6/7-6/9 (2-nights) $857.67
7/11-7/13 (2-nights) $857.67
7/18-7/20 (2-nights) $857.67

Pelican Point #2:  3 Bedroom Oceanfront condo located on the south end of Tybee Island.
6/8-6/11 (3-nights) $1159.95
6/17-6/19 (2-nights) $857.67

Pool House: Private 3 Bedroom beach house with private pool and fenced yard.
6/14-6/16 (2-nights) $882.76
6/21-6/23 (2-nights) $882.76

Saltern’s #5: Stunning 3 Bedroom located on the back river. Directly water front!
6/14-6/16 (2-nights) $857.67

Saltern’s #7:  Stunning 3 Bedroom located on the back river. Directly water front!
6/14-6/16 (2-nights) $857.67
8/27-8/30 (3-nights) $1159.95

Sandpiper 108: 3 Bedroom condo located on the South end of Tybee. Steps to the Pier!
6/13-6/15 (2-nights) $760.94

Sandpiper 304: 3 Bedroom condo with stunning views of the Tybee Island Pier and Ocean.
6/7-6/9 (2-nights) $857.67
6/16-6/18 (2-nights) $857.67
6/29-7/2 (3-nights) $1159.95
7/7-7/9 (2-nights) $857.67

SBRC 118A: Escape to Paradise in this 1 Bedroom Condo! Perfect Getaway rental!
7/13-7/15 (2-nights) $536.75

SBRC 218A: Excellent views from this 1 Bedroom Condo!
7/20-7/23 (3-nights) $718.12
8/4-8/6 (2-nights) $536.75

SBRC 304B:  Escape to Paradise in this 1 Bedroom Condo! Perfect Getaway rental!
6/24-6/28 (4-nights) $899.48
7/20-7/22 (2-nights) $536.75

SBRC 315B: Escape to Paradise in this 1 Bedroom Condo! Perfect Getaway rental!
6/23-6/26 (3-nights) $718.12

Serenity: Private 3 Bedroom beach house on the south end of Tybee Island!
7/7-7/9 (2-nights) $857.67
7/28-7/31 (3-nights) $1159.95

South Beach 7: 2 Bedroom condo located on the south end of Tybee Island. 7/5-7/7 (2-nights) $648.85
8/3-8/6 (3-nights) $866.48

Sun Catcher: 3 Bedroom Beach House with amazing room for gathering with family or friends!
6/13-6/16 (3-nights) $1032.99
7/11-7/14 (3-nights) $1032.99
8/4-8/6 (2-nights) $773.03

Sunset View: Gorgeous 5 bedroom home located on the scenic back river!
6/21-6/23 (2-nights) $2503.18
7/15-7/17 (2-nights) $2503.18
8/18-8/20 (2-nights) $2503.18

Two Palms: 4 bedroom home walking distance to pier and shops!
6/30-7/2 (2-nights) $1276.22
7/14-7/18 (4-nights) $2146.77

Tybee Estates: 6 bedroom home with private pool! 
8/12-8/16 (4-nights) $3757.48

Tybee OasisLovely 6 bedroom home with private pool!
7/19-7/21 (2-nights) $2493.57

Villa by the Sea:   Stunning 5 bedroom oceanfront home with private pool + hot tub!
6/1-6/4 (3-nights) $4391.46
6/16-6/19 (3-nights) $4391.46
7/12-7/14 (2-nights) $3514.87
7/28-7/30 (2-nights) $3514.87

The Vue: 2 Bedroom Beach Condo with access to pools!
6/26-6/30 (4-nights) $1084.12

What a View: Beautiful 5 bedroom home with private pool!
7/13-7/17 (3-nights) $3078.29 SPECIAL RATE!


Call A Reservation Agent Now to get more information on availability!


5 Reasons Tybee is Good for your Health

As you probably know, the ocean is great for the mind, body, and soul. People travel far and wide to Tybee Island, not for the Sugar Shack, not even for the Crab Shack, but for the beach!

The beach heals!

Its healing effects are many. We go to the beach because deep down we know that the wind, sand and waves will wash our worries away. Here are just a few health benefits the beach has to offer:

Sunshine – Get your daily dose of vitamin D simply by vegging out for a few moments by the sea. Vitamin D is good for bone strength and immune support!







Stress Relief – The color blue, the sound of the waves, the sun shining on your face… what do they all have in common? They are incredibly soothing! Many people report getting a much better night’s sleep after a day at the beach.







Ample Opportunities to Exercise – The sand creates more resistance than pavement, so walking or running on the beach is more of a workout and really strengthens those muscles! Swimming is an exercise great for those with injuries or weak joints as it’s much gentler on the body.







Natural elements as beauty enhancers – Skip the expensive facial and let the sand and salt water air give your skin an all natural, sun kissed glow. Also, who doesn’t love a nice tan?










Swimming in Salt Water – The ocean’s salt water is full of natural minerals that the body needs, such as magnesium, potassium, and iodine. Magnesium alone is so beneficial for the brain and it helps relieve anxiety.

The beach is truly the best environment for healing – it has all sorts of natural elements that make it holistic – good for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  Plan your next getaway on Tybee Island with us today… it’s good for your health!


Grocery Stores near Tybee Island

A huge advantage to renting a home versus a hotel room is being able to prepare meals during your vacation. While driving to Tybee Island you will go through downtown Savannah and neighboring residential islands.  Many vacationers choose to stop at a large grocery store before checking into their vacation rental.

Here is a list of Tybee’s closest grocery stores!

1. Tybee Island IGA located at  1111 Butler Ave, Tybee Island, GA 31328
This Grocery store is the only grocery store located on Tybee Island. 

2. Publix Supermarket at Island Town Centre located at 4717 Hwy 80 E Ste B, Savannah, GA 31410.
There is also a Pet Store, CVS and Walmart (not superstore) in this shopping center.

3. Kroger Supermarket at Wilmington Island shopping center located at 495 Johnny Mercer Blvd, Savannah, GA 31410.   
This newly renovated (2017) grocery store has a wine/beer bar and brand new deli.
Contact our office for questions. 800-786-5889

Top 4 Tybee Vacation Rentals that will leave you feeling spoiled!

Vacation is a time to spoil yourself and try new things! After all…these people will never see you again, right?
Tybee Island is full of options for first time experiences! Every one of our Oceanfront Cottage Rentals rental homes will leave you feeling spoiled!
800-786-5889 Call or Text us now for more Information!

Check out these 4 Tybee rentals that will keep you wanting to come back for more.
  1. Brass Rail 315│”Just ask your Google Assistant!”
  2. 13th Perfection│Location, Location, Location
  3. 7 Palmwood│Breathtaking
  4. Tybee Oasis│Private and fully appointed

Top Spots to Kindle Romance on Tybee Island

Happy Valentine’s Day!

There are so many romantic spots on Tybee Island to celebrate with your beloved. The sea has been inspiration for love and romance as far back as we can remember. Tybee’s expansive shoreline offers couples the opportunity to walk along the beach, hand in hand, for miles… a pastime that has always been revered in the world of romance.

Tybee Island offers a magical backdrop for falling in love. Take for example my parents: Their first date was a walk along the beach at sunset, my Dad proposed on top of the Tybee Island Lighthouse, and they were married on North Beach. Tybee’s ambience  offers ample opportunities to spark romantic moments.





This Valentine’s Day, take your partner to watch the sunrise on the main pier, walk along the beach, rest on a beach swing, have a romantic dinner at a local restaurant, and end the day watching the sunset at the back river. 

Photo by: https://www.instagram.com/joshontybee/

Romantic Getaways at Oceanfront Cottage Rentals

Our accommodations offer several luxurious and romantic features, so that you won’t even need to leave the property to invoke a little romance. Here are some of our favorite places to relax and enjoy the company of your loved ones:

Enjoy rocking with your partner on the porch of “Little Beach Cottage”
Relax poolside soaking up sunshine with your beloved at “Captain TY-B”
Get cozy in the hammock with your sweetheart on the screened in porch at “McNeal’s Historic Cottage”

Even if you’re not coupled, we think all types of love should be honored on Valentine’s Day. Enjoy these spots for a peaceful moment of solitude or with a friend!

During the month of February, we are offering a special: Buy 2 nights, get the 3rd FREE! There’s still time to plan a romantic getaway on Tybee, call us at 800-786-5889 to book one of our beautiful homes today.

Book Directly with Oceanfront Cottage Rentals and Save! #bookdirect

Did you know that you could save up to 20% on your next vacation? Over the past several years Online Travel Agents masked with names like HomeAway, VRBO, AirBnB and much more have increased their “convenience fee”. This fee is basically a fee to use their site. The majority of the homes listed are actually managed by a Vacation Rental Company.

Imagine this…..

So let’s say you have already booked through one of these Online Travel Agents. Who do you call when the Air Conditioner does not work in your home? Who do you call when you need a recommendation for the best pizza in town? What do you do when your hot tub stops working? What about if half of the house does not have power? Who do you call if you have a question about how to use a fireplace?

Definitely not the Online Travel Agent that you submitted your Reservation request through. Their “Customer support” is just a call center somewhere.

Now, Imagine this…

You call Oceanfront Cottage Rentals and speak to a vacation expert. You ask questions about a few homes and then they email you a few more options. Then you call to make your reservation…and find out we are running a special during your vacation week! You save hundreds of dollars! You have a peace of mind knowing that when you arrive you have a 24 local staff to answer your questions and guide you through your vacation experience!

I bet you can think of a few other ways to spend 100’s of dollars, right?

However you decide to plan your Tybee Vacation, just know that with Oceanfront Cottage Rentals…you matter! #bookdirect

tybee vacation rentals oceanfront cottage rentals


Top 5 Tybee Island Restaurants

Our Staff’s Top 5 Favorite Restaurants on Tybee

Whether you’re craving local seafood, or classic southern fare – Tybee Island has the restaurant and the dish for you! You might be surprised to learn that although Tybee is only 3 1/2 miles long, it features over 30 restaurants! Guests always ask us locals where we like to eat, so we thought we’d make it easy for ya’ll. These are our top 5 picks of Tybee Island Restaurants… favorite dish included.

Sundae Cafe

The late and revered Chef Kevin Carpenter has left behind a legacy with Sundae Cafe, 80e Gastropub, and the latest addition – The Cafe on 80.  Caitlin and Julianna both agree – you must try the spicy tuna wrap!

80e Gastropub

Krystal says they have the best wings on the island – hands down! This modern pub has a great atmosphere with many flat-screen TV’s to watch your favorite sports teams.


AJ’s Dockside

Summer swears by the crab cake sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries. Located on the back river with breath taking views of the sun setting behind Little Tybee Island. Aj’s Dockside restaurant also has fresh seafood!


Coco’s Sunset Grille

Carla loves the “Coco Marley”, a jerk chicken wrap. Coco’s also boasts spectacular marsh and sunset views… the name says it all.


Huc-a-poo’s Bites and Booze

You wouldn’t guess it by the laid back, dive bar atmosphere, but Huc-a-poo’s is one of our owner’s favorite places to eat! Stacye’s favorite dish is their grilled chicken salad.

So there you have it – straight from the sea horse’s mouth!

Our seasoned staff is very knowledgeable about all things Tybee. We love to support all the small, local businesses on the island.

Did you know there are no chain restaurants on the island? All Tybee Island restaurants are locally owned and operated. This is just one of the many qualities that make Tybee so charming and unique!

Now is the perfect time to book your next Tybee Island vacation. The beach isn’t too crowded, parking is plenty, and there are no long waits for the delicious dishes at these Tybee Island restaurants. Call us today at 800-786-5889 for off-season specials!


7 Selfie Spots on Tybee Island

…to end 2017!

2017  is almost over… can you believe it? It certainly flew by! Despite the setbacks caused by Hurricane Irma, business on Tybee Island has been booming. More and more people are discovering our little paradise.


We are moving into a new era of travel where technology and social media reign. Gone are the days of the postcard… hello Instagram!


Let’s be real, we live in the “age of selfies”.  Solo travelers are on the rise and they love to share their adventures with friends and family.


OFC blogger, Julianna, did some research and exploration on Tybee Island. We thought it would be fun to feature “Tybee’s Top 7 Selfie Spots”. Here is what we found…


DISCLAIMER: These were all taken WITHOUT a selfie stick! #skills


Giant Shark Mouth 
This scary guy can be found on the North End next to “Island Style”


Tybee Island Lighthouse 
You can capture the whole lighthouse with a selfie!


The Welcome Sign

The Welcome to Tybee Island sign… classic selfie spot!


The Anchor on the Bend of Hwy 80 
This Tybee Island landmark is decorated with Christmas lights right now!


The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel
Our sister company, The Tybee Island Wedding Chapel, is one the most beautiful landmarks on the island!


Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion 
OK… so this one is an “us-ie”… the Pier has many great spots to take selfies on!


T-Rex Statue 
This random dinosaur statue is off Hwy 80 on the North End!



We hope this gives you some inspiration for your next “selfie odyssey” on Tybee!

As we move into 2018, we want to thank everyone for an amazing 2017. We so appreciate all of our guests!


Please give us a call  at 800-786-5889 to take advantage of our holiday specials and gift certificates. What could be a better Christmas gift than a Tybee Island vacation? We can’t think of anything better! Happy Holidays, friends!


What To Do When It Rains On Tybee Island

There’s more to Tybee than you know…

We always hope for clear, sunny skies when we are on a beach vacation, but occasionally we are faced with unpleasant weather and the beach just isn’t an option. Lucky for us here on Tybee, there are many ways to spend a rainy day on our little island. Tybee Island may be small, but there are many things to do on the island indoors. Here is a rainy day itinerary that we made to help you make the best of inclement weather!


Start your day off right with a hot coffee from the Tybean. Take a stroll through all the art galleries and locally owned boutiques in the area, such as Seaside Sisters, the Misty Marsh Shoppe, and the Tybee Cottage Art Gallery. These shops are great for buying unique, handcrafted Christmas presents for your friends and family.



Hop on down to the Breakfast Club for brunch, or have lunch at Fannie’s… then take a stroll down Tybrisa and the Strand to take advantage of off-season deals! If you’re all shopped out, drop into the Marine Science Center and learn more about Tybee’s local marine life.



Grab a drink at Tybee Social Club and then catch a flick at the Tybee Post Theater. The next showing is “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” a Christmas classic! Be sure the check the schedule often, as during the off-season the Tybee Post Theater has several movie showings, concerts and plays.


We hope this brief sample itinerary helps you get out of your rainy day funk. Rainy days are few and far between on Tybee Island, but we’ve got you covered for when mother nature does her thing. The weather is unpredictable, but there is always something to do and somewhere to stay dry on Tybee Island.

Ready to plan your next vacation? Call us at 800-786-5889 and ask about our off-season specials!