The Road to Tybee……or lack there of before 1923

The early 1870’s saw a manifestation of the American coastal resort movement. The only way to Tybee in those days was via daily steamship service.
The first hotel here was established in 1873, The Ocean House. In 1876 a horse drawn railway connected Main St. (now Butler Ave) to the back river and inlet so guests could enjoy the calmer waters of the back river.
By the 1880’s Tybee Island had become a seaside resort with many bathhouses, dancing pavilions, boarding houses and summer cottages springing up. Tybee was known for it’s healthy salt air and water believed to have healing powers.

In 1887 the Savannah to Tybee Railroad was completed. Previously the only way to the island had been the steamship service.  This rail service cut the travel time to Tybee Island in half.  There were 8 stops on Tybee from the North End to the back river.   In 1890 the railroad became part of the line “The Central of Georgia” and connected cities and tourists throughout cities in Alabama and Georgia to Tybee Island.

In 1891 The Hotel Tybee opened on the strand between 11th and 14th streets followed by a boardwalk and pavilion.

The actual “Tybee Road” was completed in 1923 and ushered in the golden age of Tybee Island as a resort destination. The Tybee Road connected downtown (Victory Drive/Thunderbolt) to the North end of Tybee Island.   After that time businesses sprung up and boomed.

By the mid 1920’s there were over 400 private cottages on our little island. Because of “Tybee Road” one could now live here year round.





Thanksgiving On Tybee

How are you spending your Thanksgiving this year?

Is it with family and friends or just you and your spouse?

Either way Thanksgiving is a special day for you and your love ones spreading love and family memories with  each other, and  most importantly giving thanks!  Related image

Tybee Island Ga offers an exotic way to start a new family tradition. Maybe turkey at grandma’s may have gotten a bit boring if you’ve been participating the last 8 years with the same routine. It’s time to give grandma a rest this year and bring her and the rest of the family to Tybee Island Ga where Thanksgiving is waiting for  you!  Let someone else do the cooking and cleaning this year while everyone gets to enjoy their holiday. Tybee has awesome places that would love to cater for your family this holiday season.

Different luxury living options are offered on Tybee for your holiday vacation stay . Oceanfront, lighthouse view, ocean view, private pool (etc.) you name it Tybee Island has it! Oceanfront Cottage Rentals is the best at accommodating luxury properties for your visit!


Thanksgiving in Tybee Island offers a change in weather. Whether you’re coming from a city where its hot during the month of November or if you have temperatures below 40 degrees, Tybee is the right island for you! The average temperature on Tybee is 70 degree  for the month of November.  Which is perfect for a destination holiday vacation. Even though it may be too cold to swim in the ocean but not too cold for our tan lovers.


Let’s not forget shopping! Holiday season is the largest shopping time of the year. Savannah is 20 minutes away from Tybee Island and offers tons of shopping stores downtown.Image result for tanger outlet savannah
So as soon as the Thanksgiving meal is over, you can fill up on sweet deals and huge savings at The Tangler Outlets of Savannah, Ga.

Lets make Tybee Island your new Thanksgiving tradition.

Tybee Island Property Management Services

Property Management on Tybee Island.
property management tybee island georgia

The reasons for hiring a professional property management company is a long list. However, finding a management company that values you as much as their guests should be one of the biggest factors in deciding on the right company for you. Owning a Vacation rental is a huge investment, often only feasible because of a steady flow of rental revenue. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals has been professionally managing Tybee homes for 20+ years. We have evolved with the growing Vacation Rental industry, and continue to evolve daily. At Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, offering excellent service and rentals, and building trusted relationships, is the core of our Company Culture.

Hiring the right Vacation Rental Management Company should not only give you a peace of mind but prove to be a beneficial return on your investment. Here are 5 reasons why Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, Tybee Rentals, could be the “peace of mind” you are looking for:


The Vacation Rental industry has grown tremendously over the past 5 years. We work with many highly respected leading VR industry professionals so that our homes are receiving the maximum revenue. Every home we manage is different and appeals to a different potential renter. Every individual has a unique comprehensive flexible Marketing strategy.


Our year-round and full-time Housekeeping staff adhere to strict company standards and practices so that we offer a quality Vacation rental. Simply cleaning what is visible to the eye, is not acceptable within our company. In most cases, every home is assigned one housekeeper that consistently cleans the home.


It is our company policy that our Vacation Experts/Reservation Team speaks to every guest that stays in one of our Tybee Rentals. Our local staff is available for any questions a guest might have. Whether they are looking for the best place to have Seafood on Tybee or how to operate a TV…we are available.


Making sure you’re receiving a healthy return on your investment is our job, making sure you know you are important is just something we do! This circles back to another Company core value of “Quality over Quantity”. We respond to every owner within 24 hours (usually within an hour) guaranteed.


As a member of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA), we are active and participate in all committee regulation discussions on Short term rentals. We are also active in all local discussions pertaining to Short Term Vacation rentals.

There are many more reasons, and we would love to discuss them with you! If you have questions or would like more details on our Property Management Service please give us a call or fill out the form below!

5 Reasons why you should spend the Holidays on Tybee Island.

Savannah’s Beach, Tybee Island, is the perfect place to spend the holidays.

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s is the perfect time to visit the low country area. “A beach day” in the middle of December is actually a pretty common occurrence on Tybee Island. If you need more reasons, to visit, check our pick for the top 5 reasons to visit Savannah and Tybee this Holiday season!

  1. Bring your whole family together!largerentalhomeontybeeisland
    Tybee Island is a small community with many rentals options to choose from. Whether you are looking to have everyone under one roof, or have your family choose their own island retreat. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals will have the rental for you.
  2. There is something for everyone to do!
    Let’s face it not everyone in your family is going to want to do the same thing. This fact is what makes a visit to Tybee Island even more perfect. Savannah is perfect for family members that love to shop, enjoy the nightlife or a historic tour. Tybee is perfect for family members that love the beach, fishing, kayak excursions or simply a beach swing with a book.
  3. The Perfect Weather!
    The weather is usually in the 70’s during the day with cooler evenings. With average ocean water temperature being around 72 degrees, it is still warm enough to take a dip.  It seems as though everywhere you turn is the perfect backdrop for a family photo!
  4. tybeeislandfoodThe Delicious Food!
    Food is the “glue of the holidays”. Savannah and Tybee Island are known as a foodies treasure. Most of our Tybee Rentals are fully equipped with everything you need to prepare a meal, but the locally owned restaurants are also recommended. Skip the check out lines and have your groceries delivered from one of the local grocery stores. Order Groceries here.
  5. Make it a Tradition!
    the holidays on tybee island georgiaWhether it is already a tradition to visit Tybee Island, or you are looking to start a new one, make a holiday vacation to Tybee a must! Savannah’s Beach, Tybee Island is filled with so much to experience, and always has something going on. Take the stress out of the holidays and fill it with a tradition! This holiday season we invite you to join us in the Low country and remember what is most important…each other!


Tybee Island Pirate Fest 2018

Are you looking for an experience you will never forget?
The Annual Tybee Island Pirate’s Fest is an event you do not want to miss!
October 4-7th, 2018 Pirates (and wanna-be Pirates) will tybeeislandpiratefestivalarrive on Tybee Island for the annual festival. This weekend is filled with events for the entire family.

Thursday, October 4th is the Buccaneer Ball at the Crab Shack. 

This event is a big party filled with food, live entertainment, and introductions of the 2018 Pirate King and Queen. Purchase your Tickets Here. 

Friday, October 5th begins the Festival on the South End of Tybee. 

Thieves Market, Little Matey’s Cove (petting zoo, bouncy house, carnival, magic show and much more), and LIVE music performances begin at 6 pm at the Sweetwater Beer Garden Stage.

Courtesy of Visit Tybee.

Saturday, October 6th the fun continues. FIREWORKS!

Thieves Market, Little Matey’s Cove and the fun on the South end will continue. This year will be the introduction of  Beach Water Battle!!

1-2 pm is the Kids and Pet Costume Contest.

3 pm-5 pm is the Annual Pirate’s Parade! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

6 pm is the Adult Costume Contest, followed by music and more on the Sweetwater Beer Garden Stage.  The festivities will continue into the night and end with a spectacular Fireworks display over the Atlantic Ocean.

Sunday, October 7th 

Little Matey’s Cove and Carnival opens back up with more exciting family-friendly experiences.

20 Oceanview Court – Oceanfront Cottage Rental’s Tybee Rental

Book your Pirate’s Festival Tybee Vacation Rental Here. 

Read more about the 2018 details here. Click Here

Southern Charm

True Southern Charm is still alive & well!

Tybee is a small Southern beach town full of sweet, goodhearted folks. We are proud of how we were raised and the fact that we practice good manners. It is polite to say “Yes ma’am, No ma’am, please and thank you” here even though other parts of the country think we are being condescending. We think of it as being “raised right” and our Mama wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone is treated with respect and we’ve never met a stranger. To top it off, we have that sweet Southern accent that sounds like angels playing the harp.

Kick off your shoes, put your toes in the sand!
Southern hospitality is our specialty!















When you are here, you will learn that our little island isn’t about a bunch of planned activities. It is an island where you are meant to kick back, put your feet up and sip sweet tea. Come sit a spell! Give yourself a break; you deserve it!  Bless your heart.

Recommended Porches:
1-2nd Terrace– Porch swing and rocking chairs!
5 Driftwood– Comfy chairs looking out to the sea. Not oceanfront, but it doesn’t need to be.
Claire’s Rendezvous– Oceanfront balcony right on the sand, You can’t get any closer!
Bella Luna– Oceanfront 5 bedroom home with massive balcony overlooking the Atlantic.

Recommended Eateries:
Windrose Café (Locals love it; it’s cheap & good.)
Social Club (High Class folk)
Sundae Café– Some of the best food on the island. Fancy dinner at night, put on your best flip-flops and make sure to call ahead.

Who has the best sweet tea?
We love the Tybee IGA for their large “aquarium” sized sweet teas. It has just the right sweetness, and perfect for front porch sittin’. Ask Wendy what she’s cooking for lunch while there.

Best Waterin’ Holes:
Doc’s Bar– You can find a plethora of locals here and they’ve never met a stranger.
Wet Willie’s– Younger crowd that likes frozen drinks.
Quarter Bar– Open Late, good cheeseburgers, pool tables, and they play all kinds of sports on their tvs.
GastroPub– Marble bar with sports on every tv, Beer on tap.

Fort Screven Historic District

Figure 1: Fort Screven before any residential homes were established.
Photo courtesy to The Light House Inn bed and breakfast

Fort Screven today is known to us as a location where some of our favorite rentals are located. However, it has some pretty interesting history behind it!

Fort Screven got its name after Brig. Gen, James Screven, who is considered a hero of the American Revolution. Fort Screven was the last coastal fort to be built in Georgia! Many parts of Fort Screven are still standing today and can be seen. Battery Garland, which now is the home to the Tybee Island Museum is a popular tourist attraction!

Back in 1733, when James Oglethorpe founded Georgia, he realized that the North end of Tybee island would be a big value to the military. This is where they were able to guard the mouth of the Savannah River until the end of World War II.  In 1786, Georgia Legislature authorized the building of a fort on Tybee Island, however the fort that was approved never actually got built. They ended up building a Martello Tower (a small round fort) around 1815. This fort was built from “tabby” – a concrete made of shell, sand, lime, and water. This stood through the War Between the States where it fell to disrepair.

Both Union and Confederate troops would occupy Fort Screven between 1861 and 1865. Heavy firing from earthwork gun batteries on the north end of Tybee Island breached Fort Pulaski in 1862, signaling the end of the masonry costal fortifications.

During President Cleveland’s administration, Secretary of War, William C. Endicott had ideas for the basis that became the Endicott System – a string of coastal defense that were built to protect most of America’s important port cities. This system called for multiple batteries to be built and spaced out at the entrances to important harbors. This was built a little better than the Martello Tower as they now had the latest heavy artillery and was built from concrete and steel, as well as sand and beach plants. This made it also invisible from the sea.

By this time, there was a threat of the war with Spain. In 1896, they began work on what locals called Fort Tybee. The first military was called Camp Graham, but soon changed to Fort Screven. This became an important military post of the Spanish American War in 1898, however most of the batteries were not complete at this time. The Spanish never had a threat on Savannah and the fort never came under fire.

Fort Screven ended up having seven batteries. Six of which were located on Tybee Island, and the seventh, Battery Hambright, near Fort Pulaski. The only two that are open to the public are Battery Garland, that houses the Tybee Island Museum, and Battery Hambright. The others can be seen from the street but are not available to the public. The museum is open daily (except on Tuesdays) from 9:30am to 5:30 pm. The last tickets are sold at 4:30pm and can be purchased at The Tybee Island Lighthouse, which is located across the street!

Figure 2: Tybee Museum at Battery Garland. Open to the public today! Photo courtesy to For the love of wonderful.
PS. Check out some of our rentals in the Historic Fort Screven district here – Tybee Sunrise , #20 Oceanview Court,  Almost Heaven Ocean Queen, and Ocean Paradise!

Escape Tybee

Escape Tybee Rooms
By Summer Fortner

Tybee Island may be small 3-and-a-half-mile island, but we are always adding new fun things to do on the island!
Tybee is now introducing a brand-new Escape Room! Escape rooms are a popular activity that require players to work together to solve puzzles to “escape” the room! It is a physical game – no electronics allowed! The game lasts 60 minutes in total! Bonus – it is located inside so perfect to escape the elements outside!
Escape Tybee is team based and perfect for 2 to 8 players to join and solve the mystery! The story of the room is honestly the best part! The story lines are about events that really happened on Tybee Island – so a good way to get a history lesson in too!
The Escape Tybee offers two different rooms to try out! “Blackbeard has Shanghaied You!” and “The Tybee Bomb is Armed”!

  • Blackbeard has Shanghaied You!” is all about being stuck on the ship of Queen Anne’s Revenge. The crew is leaving the ship to have some fun on Tybee Island. You have 60 minutes to find the hidden treasure and get off the ship!
  • “The Tybee Bomb is Armed” is based in the late 1950’s. A US air force B-47 has dropped a hydrogen bomb into the waters on the south end of Tybee Island. It was never found until now. You have 1-hour to disarm it. Good luck!
To reserve your spot at the Escape Tybee, click here! Hurry before all the spots fill up!

Fort Pulaski

Fort Pulaski National Monument
By Krystal Cassidy

Looking to enjoy a day outdoors but need a break from the sandy beach? Take a short drive for a couple miles to Fort Pulaski right off Highway 80. This beautiful landmark will keep you and the family busy for hours and will also give you the feel of historic Savannah without the drive downtown! You can even bring your fur baby along with you, that’s right, Fort Pulaski is pet friendly!

Fort Pulaski National Monument
Figure 1: Present day Fort Pulaski. Photo courtesy of the National Park Service, Fort Pulaski National Monument












Fort Pulaski was declared a national monument in October 1924. The Fort was originally built to protect the Savannah River as Savannah grew as a booming port city during the American Civil War. Start your visit off at the Visitor’s Center + Museum to watch the park film, “The Battle for Fort Pulaski,” to gain knowledge of the true gem that is Fort Pulaski. You can also plan for a guided tour, offered 7 days a week, or you can walk around at your own leisure!
The national monument is also surrounded by a 5,365-acre park featuring stunning tidal marshes. Make sure to wear the right footwear as you venture around all the natural walks on site here!
There are varying walking trails available surrounding the monument, ranging from a ¼ mile to six miles! As you take in the beauty of the natural trails, you will also have views of both the Savannah River and Tybee Island! Talk about a breathtaking way to spend the day! After you’ve built up an appetite, you can head over to the picnic area (both covered and uncovered areas available) to enjoy lunch!
Before heading back to your Oceanfront Cottage Rental home, make sure to make a stop at the gift shop for a souvenir and don’t forget to tell us all about your favorite part before you head home!

Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Tybee Island This Fall!

A few members of our Oceanfront Cottage Rentals Team pick the Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Tybee Island This Fall.

Fall on the island is really just “another day at the Beach” for locals. The weather is usually perfect with warm days, slightly cooler evenings and 80-degree ocean water. Whether you are coming for a weekend at the beach or one of Savannah/Tybee’s fall festivals, you will fall in love with Tybee in the Fall.

Caitlin Salter
Reservation Supervisor
Hometown: Black Creek, Georgia

“Tybee’s Fall season is my favorite time of year on the island. It begins to cool off and the beach is less crowded. You can walk out on North beach and have the whole beach to yourself.
When I come to the beach, it is not to tan. It is to wander and walk the shoreline. Coming in the Fall is so much more relaxing for me just watching the waves, and collecting shells. It is very soul soothing and can make you more appreciative of all the good in life.
My favorite event occurs in October; this is called Pirate’s Fest. Everyone dresses like pirates and it is the most fun! It begins with a “fancy” Crab Shack Buccaneer’s Ball where they crown a King and Queen of Pirate’s Fest. A parade is held that weekend, and there are bands playing on the South end. There are also many shops selling unique “pirate” gear. For the kids, there is an area for them,  (Lil’ Matey’s Cove) with small carnival rides and a petting zoo for maximum fun. My child is almost 3 and I can’t wait until she is a little older to enjoy this event with me!”

Summer Fortner
Vacation Planner & Venue Co-Ordinator for Tybee Wedding Chapel.
Hometown: Savannah, Georgia

Fall on Tybee Island is just as great as the summertime! My favorite thing to do on Tybee in the fall is to come down with family or friends and enjoy a meal at our favorite restaurant, AJ’s Dockside! Enjoying the nice views, and the cool weather is a perfect fall day on Tybee! To top it off, we like to grab an ice cream from the Sugar Shack and take a walk on the historic Tybee pier to see if we can spot dolphins!”