Parks on Tybee

There are two parks on Tybee; both magnificent. Jaycee is located near the North area of the island before you reach the lighthouse. Then, Memorial Park is located off Jones Ave, and is also a great place to get together with your families. Its giant oaks along its winding wrap-around trail boast a powerful vibe. You are taken back in time as you trudge over small wooden bridges through the marshland creeks. The wind is blowing gently through the moss in the tree branches towering above; the tree is an old soul and this is her hair being softly tussled. Oaks are in abundance, and walking through is such a delight. Its flowery upbeat disposition turn this little park into an enchanted getaway complete with tiny, adorable gazebos and lush landscaping. If you’re lucky, you can see many kinds of wildlife such as local birds and squirrels. There is a basketball area, baseball field, and a nice playground for children to get together and play. People gather often to help keep our parks beautiful and clean. How lucky we are to live somewhere so amazing!