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Tybee Historic Cottage Vacation Rentals

Tybee Island was originally claimed by Spain. In the early 1600's, the French were drawn to Tybee in search of Sassafras roots, which were considered to be a miracle cure at that time. The French visitors ignited a battle that took place just off of Tybee's shore. 

Tybee's former inhabitants include Indian tribes and Pirates. Pirates considered Tybee to be a perfect place to hide their treasures. Being at the mouth of the Savannah river made the island ideal for establishing war forts and eventually a new colony. 

Throughout the years, buildings and forts have been constructed. The diverse group of residents accounts for the equally diverse architecture. To this day, much of the Historic architecture remains. Many buildings have been preserved, renovated and are now available for you to experience as a Vacation rental. 

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