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Historic Tybee Island Cottage Rentals

Tybee Island is deeply-rooted in centuries of history and is a popular destination for its unique preservation and fusion of cultures, traditions, & architecture. Many guests come to visit popular historical sites such as Tybee Island Lighthouse and Fort Screven, but it's the nostalgic feeling of the entire island that makes beach vacations on Tybee so unique. Our historic Tybee Island cottage rental collection is the perfect way to capture and enjoy a traditional, low-key beach vacation.

Experience the look and feel of vintage-style beach cottages with classic updated décor and more than 50 years of history laced through these beautiful older homes and refurbished historical buildings.

Historic OCR Vacation Rental Tybee Island

Be sure to check our full inventory of Tybee Island vacation rentals if for some reason one of our historical Tybee Island cottages doesn't fit your needs!

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