Big Anchor- Tybee Landmark

The Big Anchor on the Curve is a well known and loved Tybee landmark. You are first able to see the ocean from this area while driving through to the south end. Its a sign that you have arrived and that you are now on Tybee Time.
The big anchor was salvaged in 1989 by Captain Bill Walsh. It is from an 1849 wooden sailing boat that was discovered several miles off the north coast of the island. The anchor, ballast rock, and some iron debris were all that remained of the sea-faring vessel. It is possibly from one of the Union Navy vessels that blockaded the South Atlantic Coast and Savannah River during the War Between the States in 1861-1865.
This shot was taken this morning while venturing out to check out the dredging progress. It’s amazing to see how much beach we will be gaining from this project. A few rentals near this spot are listed below for you guys to check out. These 3 bedroom town-homes are located right on the sand and have amazing views!

Claire’s Rendezvous

Shangri La on the Beach