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Fort Screven

  • Address:Fort Screven

The Fort Screven area of Tybee Island is located mid-north on the Atlantic coastline. The vacation homes featured in this neighborhood are conveniently located within walking distance to the historic Tybee Post Theater, Tybee Lighthouse and several 'must visit' restaurants. They come complete with a variety of unique amenities and features specific to the property 

Fort Screven Vacation Rentals

Great for larger groups, these homes can accommodate 6 to 14 or more guests with anywhere from 2 to 5 bedrooms and 2 to 5.5 bathrooms available. Typically accompanied with easy beach access these Tybee homes are perfect for a beach getaway!

History of Fort Screven

Fort Screven's story starts in 1786, over 230 years ago when the government approved the building of the fort North End of Tybee Island to provide defense from intruding warships. An integral part of the United State's coastal defense system for decades, the Fort was officially closed in 1947 and sold to the City of Tybee when tourism began to return to the area. Only a few years later, the fort's many buildings began to be renovated and converted for living by private owners. Today many of these homes still stand atop ol' Fort Screven's walls.

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