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Captain’s Row

  • Address:Captain's View Rd
  • Area: North Island

One of Tybee’s most exclusive neighborhoods, Captain’s Row is located in the quiet North End area of the island near the lighthouse and museum. Perfect for those looking to escape the 'real world', the neighborhood has private beach access across a turtle pond and through a gazebo and bird sanctuary. Paradise awaits you in these beautiful Tybee Island rental homes!

Why Captain's Row?

Homes in this neighborhood accommodate anywhere from 8 to 22 guests. Depending on the rental, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms varies between 3 to 7 beds and 2.5 to 4 baths. Perfect for family gatherings or large groups of friends these properties an unique to one another. Each with its own set of amenities and features be sure you read the property descriptions carefully. Though many units do feature private pools and hot tubs.

No matter your reason for visiting or who you are traveling with, consider a home in Captain's Row today for the ultimate Tybee luxury vacation experience.

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