Tybee Island Property Management Services

Property Management on Tybee Island.

The reasons for hiring a professional property management company is a long list. However, finding a management company that values you as much as their guests should be one of the biggest factors in deciding on the right company for you.

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Owning a Vacation rental is a huge investment, often only feasible because of a steady flow of rental revenue. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals has been professionally managing Tybee homes for 20+ years. We have evolved with the growing Vacation Rental industry, and continue to evolve daily. At Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, offering excellent service and rentals, and building trusted relationships, is the core of our Company Culture.

Hiring the right Vacation Rental Management Company should not only give you a peace of mind but prove to be a beneficial return on your investment. Here are 5 reasons why Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, Tybee Rentals, could be the “peace of mind” you are looking for:


The Vacation Rental industry has grown tremendously over the past 5 years. We work with many highly respected leading VR industry professionals so that our homes are receiving the maximum revenue. Every home we manage is different and appeals to a different potential renter. Every individual has a unique comprehensive flexible Marketing strategy.


Our year-round and full-time Housekeeping staff adhere to strict company standards and practices so that we offer a quality Vacation rental. Simply cleaning what is visible to the eye, is not acceptable within our company. In most cases, every home is assigned one housekeeper that consistently cleans the home.


It is our company policy that our Vacation Experts/Reservation Team speaks to every guest that stays in one of our Tybee Rentals. Our local staff is available for any questions a guest might have. Whether they are looking for the best place to have Seafood on Tybee or how to operate a TV…we are available.


Making sure you’re receiving a healthy return on your investment is our job, making sure you know you are important is just something we do! This circles back to another Company core value of “Quality over Quantity”. We respond to every owner within 24 hours (usually within an hour) guaranteed.


As a member of the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA), we are active and participate in all committee regulation discussions on Short term rentals. We are also active in all local discussions pertaining to Short Term Vacation rentals.

There are many more reasons, and we would love to discuss them with you! If you have questions or would like more details on our Property Management Service please give us a call or fill out the form below!

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