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Two Vacations In One: Distance between Tybee Island & Savannah

Want to maximize your vacation opportunities? Then consider taking advantage of the short distance between Tybee Island & Savannah, GA. Staying on Tybee Island offers guests that fantastic tranquil beach vacation everyone yearns for. Traditional cottages, centuries of history & tradition, and beautiful beaches mark the allure of Tybee. Still, Tybee also allows anyone interested in the history & culture of the historic city of Savannah a short & simple drive to take in the sights. Day trips to Savannah from Tybee are popular and reasonably convenient! Pop on over to Savannah for its well-preserved Historic District, and popular Southern Charm, or just to enjoy a wider variety of delicious meals & entertainment.

Savannah’s Nearby Historic District

Distance From Tybee Island to Savannah

If you are flying into Savannah International Airport for your Tybee Island vacation, then it’s about 28 miles one way to travel between the two destinations. If you are looking to get into the downtown, historic areas of Savannah, it’s about 18 miles between the two downtown areas, making Tybee the perfect easy escape from all the lights and sounds of a major city. Not only is the distance from Tybee Island to Savannah small, but there are numerous ways to get to and from Tybee and Savannah.

Nearby Savannah

By Car:

Drive back and forth using the E President Street (Island Expressway) and US-80. When coming from Savannah, follow E President Street (Islands Expressway) until it reaches US-80. Keep left over the overpass to merge onto US-80 East. Follow US-80 East to Tybee Island.

By Train & Bus:

Traveling to Savannah by train or bus is a wonderful experience. Amtrak has a great hub in Savannah, and Greyhound does as well. You can grab a taxi, uber, or rent a car to take the last 20 minutes to Tybee Island.

By Shuttle:

Perfect for getting back and forth between Savannah and Tybee Island or if you don’t feel like driving today.

Group Options:

If you’re traveling with a large group then we recommend considering a tour bus. It is a great way to manage transportation for a big group and simplifies the back-and-forth guests might need for their group’s plans.