tybee island's endless summer vacation

Seagulls…What not to do!

657I think seagulls are absolutely adorable…that is until about 12 o’clock when I am laying on the beach and hungry. If you have ever tried to eat ANYTHING on the beautiful beaches of Tybee Island, then you probably know exactly what I am talking about. If you have never been around these boisterous birds, think Finding Nemo when the birds are about to eat Marlin and Dory and their myriad of “mines.” Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! (If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, it is definitely a must see!)

So, this is what happens. You bring out your food. One, maybe two gulls start eying you. One might 646even fly over to investigate. You think “Aww, how cute are you? One little piece of bread won’t hurt.” So you throw that one, adorable little bird that teeny tiny piece of bread…then you are surrounded! There might not have been another bird in sight, but as soon as that bread left your fingers, you have half of Tybee’s bird population at your feet…and your left and your right and probably above your head as well. Watch out for those! They are like fully loaded ticking time bombs.

647I think seagulls have a better sense of smell than bloodhounds. I have been laying on Tybee, soaking up some rays, and witnessed seagulls stealing Ziploc bags out of book bags. Those girls thought their sandwiches and chips were safe. No! Those gulls tore those bags apart!

The gulls really aren’t bad as long as food is not involved. They can<650 definitely be enjoyable, majestic birds, but as soon as the food comes out, they are like ravenous bears that have been hibernating all winter long! Long story short, please don’t throw the seagulls food or have food out that is unsecured; especially when there are others laying or hanging out close by. If you do, however, you will probably have tons of new bird friends as 651well as locals giving you the evil eye 🙂