Countdown to Pirate Fest!

ShipWho else is excited about next weekend? Have you procrastinated like me and are still on the hunt for a costume? There are still options! If you are looking to go all out, there are several costume stores around Savannah that probably have just about everything you would ever need to be the perfect pirate. But maybe you you are a little more crafty and don’t feel like spending that much money. Not a big deal! Homemade costumes are just as good, if not better! Just stop in to your Stacye and Carlalocal Goodwill or craft store. WikiHow has a great tutorial for making them. With a little imagination, you can turn everyday items into the perfect pirate or wench costume 🙂 That’s what some of our staff has done! You’d be surprised what you can do with a long dress and a little velvet. We’re so excited to see all of you you in your pirate garb this year!

If this is your first Pirate Fest, Tybee Island is taken over by pirates from all of the place. Three days full of pirates, wenches, and fun! We are only a week away! Don’t forget to say hello next Saturday. We will be on our very own Oceanfront Cottage pirate ship!Ray

Pirate Fest is Almost Here!

Ahoy maties! Pirate Fest is right around the corner. Do you have your peg legs and eye patches ready? For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, Pirate Fest is a 3 day festival full of pirates and their wenches, food, fun, music, activities for junior pirates, and lots of pirate booty. You can get a weekend pass for $22 (in advanced) or buy just for the individual days. Friday is $12, Saturday is $15, and Sunday is free. Be sure to look for us or even join in at the Pirate Victory parade! All you landlubbers grab your parrots and head on down to Tybee for a fun filled weekend. Hope to see you there! Arg 🙂

Talented Guests and Gorgeous Sandcastle!

Working Away
Working Away!

We recently had guests all the way from Soddy Daisy, Tennessee stay in our wonderful home “Madelyn’s.” They spent their first full day on the beach working on this fabulous sandcastle and wanted to share it with us. We thought that it was so great that we should share it with you 🙂

We love getting pictures from guests! If you have any, whether it be of the water, sand, or sky, feel free to send them to us and we might feature yours as well! Our e-mail address is Hope to see them coming through soon!

The Finished Product!
All done!
Proud Sand Architects!


2013 SCAD Sand Arts Festival

Scad-snad-artsSand, sun, and more sand is what you saw if you were on beautiful Tybee’s north end of the beach on May 10th. SCAD held its annual Sand Arts Festival on Friday. The participants were able to choose to create sand art sculptures from the following categories: Sand Castles, Sand Sculptures, Sand Reliefs, and Wind Sculptures. Rewards were to be given for the best in each category along with an award for the best underwater creature from the first three categories sponsored by Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary.
So if you happened to be on Tybee and saw a giant Octopus, maybe a mermaid, or strange “creatures” crawling out of the sand, it was not just your imagination. Instead, they were wonderful creations of the ever so talented professors, staff, students, and alumni of Savannah College of Art and Design!

Our Beautiful “Casa Verde”

We recently had a travel writer from the website stay in one of our gorgeous 6 bedrooms homes and write a lovely review about the home. This is what she had to say 🙂

“Over-the-top beach house in the shadow of Tybee’s iconic landmark. Perfect for large families or groups of friends. “

On our recent visit to the Tybee Wine Festival, we spent a lovely weekend at Casa Verde, a large gorgeous beach property offered for rent by Oceanfront Cottage Rentals.  This property has the best view on the island, with its location directly adjacent to Tybee’s historic lighthouse.  Wrap-around decks on all three floors and a rooftop seating area provide the perfect viewing area for the lighthouse, ocean, and most of the island! Continue reading “Our Beautiful “Casa Verde””

Who you calling a “Beach Bum?”

Every year since 1987, Tybee Island has held it’s annual Beach Bum Parade which is traditionally held in May. The parade route comes down Butler Avenue, and when parade floats come by onlookers have been know n to shoot each other with water. Each year the event is held rain or shine, and seems to grow in popularity with each event. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals manages several homes that are right along the parade route however, each year you can see us posted at either #2 2nd Avenue or #4 2nd Avenue with our water hoses, water pistols, and trash cans filled to the brim with our “ammunition” waiting on passers by. Continue reading “Who you calling a “Beach Bum?””

Seagulls…What not to do!

657I think seagulls are absolutely adorable…that is until about 12 o’clock when I am laying on the beach and hungry. If you have ever tried to eat ANYTHING on the beautiful beaches of Tybee Island, then you probably know exactly what I am talking about. If you have never been around these boisterous birds, think Finding Nemo when the birds are about to eat Marlin and Dory and their myriad of “mines.” Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine! (If you haven’t seen Finding Nemo, it is definitely a must see!) Continue reading “Seagulls…What not to do!”

Tybee Beach Signs

The City of Tybee Island has invested its resources to help visitors have a better Tybee beach vacation experience.  Whether you have rented a Tybee vacation home for a week, weekend, or just enjoy coming for the day, these signs will help make your stay more enjoyable. Continue reading “Tybee Beach Signs”

How do we get to the Beach?

How often do we get asked by a Tybee Island vacation rental guest “How do we get to the beach”? Every day that question is asked and answered dozens of times by employees of Tybee vacation rental companies. It seems like an easy question to answer but it gets one thinking about Tybee’s love of beach access.

Oceanfront Cottage Rentals manages some of the most beautiful Tybee rental beach homes that are located beach front all over Tybee. Some of these Tybee oceanfront vacation homes have private beach ramps onto the beach and others have small, natural beach trails that get you in touch with nature as you slowly make your way to the beach. Whether you rent a Tybee cottage for a family vacation or a large vacation rental home beach access is important.

If you rent a home on Tybee Island it is important to know how to get to the beach. Many Guests have mobility problems and handicap beach access ramps are really important.

However, when you rent a vacation rental home on Tybee most likely you will go exploring and then discover how fortunate it is that Tybee Island, Georgia has beach access all over the island open to the public.

Tybee Island is known for being a vacation rental destination for out of door adventures. Whether you want to find a new area to go kayaking, birding or just take a different path for a walk on the beach during your vacation on Tybee we have lots of choices.

Tybee Island is blessed with 23 beach ramps for public and private use. These ramps begin on the South end of Tybee at the very end of Chatham Avenue (where The Last Song was filmed with Miley Cirus and Greg Kinnear) overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and Tybee’s Back River. Tybee’s back river is known by navigators around the world on International charts as Tybee Creek. Here are some photos of our most popular Southern beach crossovers on Tybee Island and the one at Chatham Avenue provides beach access to one of our most popular beach rentals at 1923 Chatham Avenue. You can see the home and the ramp immediately outside the privacy gate.

Interestingly, each crossover has its own characterics. The location, height, length and shape of the crossover is determined by the natural vegetation that the dune crossover is designed to protect. The crossover at Chatham Avenue is tall (look at the comparison of the palm trees). The dune structure that the beachgoer crosses is tall so the ramp had to be built to scale to protect the dune and allow beach access.


The crossover at 19th Street is unique. It is a small crossover with lovely (new) gazebo. This beach access is low because the dune is smaller and flatter. However, it has a great area for covered seating so you can watch the ocean and beach strollers from the cover of the gazebo.

The vacation rental homes on Tybee that we know about are 7th Heaven and 101 19th Street that use the 19th Street crossover.

There are several walking trails to the beach between 19th Street and 18th Street. When you rent a vacation rental home on the South end of Tybee you may have a home with a walking trail to the beach or you home may be close to several beach crossovers that you can walk or ride your bike across. You will notice if you are bicycling in the area that at 19th and 18th Street the crossovers actually have a driving access to the beach. This is exclusively for the use of Tybee Employees with DPW to drive onto the beach and remove the trash collected from our numerous trash receptacles at each beach access point. Please help us recycle!

The ramp at 18th Street is a low ramp, as well. It has benches for seating and is a great place to people watch. Guests staying at #1 18th Street love that beach access. This oceanfront beach rental home  is one of the most popular vacation rental homes on Tybee.

Handicap beach ramps are very important on Tybee. The island has 2 handicap beach access ramps with matting that lays on the beach. One is at 18th Street on the South end of Tybee. The blue matting is anchored into the sand to allow beach goers to wheelchair down onto the beach. The second location is at 2nd Avenue near Van Horne. What a fabulous idea! Handicap accessible vacation rental homes on Tybee are very important for family vacations.

Here are some other photos of beach ramps along Strand (the area between 15th Street and 18th Street) near the Pier and Pavilion.

Many of our beach access ramps have lovely swings on the beach provided at no charge for visitors to use. Most of the swings are covered and look directly towards the Atlantic Ocean.

On the South end of Tybee along Strand there are over 5 beach access ramps.

Come and explore Tybee Island on your next vacation and see how easy it is to access our beach from over 23 locations for public beach access.