Independence Celebration at Tybee!

The most beloved time of year on Tybee has arrived! Everyone will be coming for the firework show on July 3rd at dark thirty at the pier! What better way to celebrate our independence! This free kid-friendly event draws people from all over the country to our little island for the show. Bring your chairs and come early to get a good seat, but don’t sit too close to the ocean as high tide will be coming in. Remember to pick up behind yourself as a large event such as this can produce up to 3 tons of garbage. We don’t want the tides to wash it into the ocean especially during vital turtle season time. Be prepared for extremely heavy traffic that evening if you plan on leaving the island after the show. You could be sitting at a standstill for hours. There is one way off the island on a 2 lane highway. If there is an accident, just plan on staying for the night. If you will be drinking, have a designated driver or take a cab home. Please do not risk your life and the lives of others because you think you can make it home. Be responsible, so that everyone can enjoy their Tybee Time. Remember the beach rules or be prepared to be ticketed. If you need to brush up on those, click here.
In Savannah the next day, there will be fireworks downtown near the Savannah River. It is just 20 minutes west of Tybee Island. You can take a walk along River St. and Bay St. and see the show! It will begin at 9pm that evening.