Holidays on Tybee

With lower temperatures and winter breezes blowing down from the North, we say goodbye to sunny beach days for now. Jack Frost will soon be tapping at our windows and nipping at our noses. We cannot wait to break out our winter boots and scarves. Here at the beach in the south, we probably will get maybe 2-3 months of chilly winter before it is a scorching 90 degrees again with humidity. Winter brings bourbon balls, hot chocolate, family time by the fire, Christmas carols, and holiday cheer. This year has been a particular difficult and long one and the holidays couldn’t be more welcome! We want to put up our lights and trees now!

First, we’ll first enjoy Thanksgiving and that wonderful family time that everyone loves so much. The turkey, the gravy, stuffing, and green bean casserole…ohmygosh. We could just die from excitement! This year we have so much to be thankful for that our little hearts runneth over with joy. Hurricane Matthew blew through and sent us for a whirl, but left us with a renewed sense of purpose. Things we once thought mediocre, now seem so wonderful. Being grateful and thankful for your life and the small everyday things, is a fresh aspect that many people unfortunately have no concept of. We are now stronger because of this experience.

So, as you are sitting by the fireplace sipping cocoa, reflect on the past year and be thankful that you saw it through. There may be tough times, but everything in life is temporary. You never know what 2017 will bring; hopefully a trip to Tybee Island for some of that good ol’ Tybee Time! I know we’ll be here waiting with bells and whistles.