Happy Sea Turtle Week!

Tybee Island Sea Turtles

Tybee Island is notorious for its strong devotion to sea turtles! As you’ll notice, there are “turtle crossing” signs on highway 80, all of the directional signs on the island are in the shape of sea turtles, and there is a large, shiny sea turtle next to the welcome sign when you first enter onto the island.

Tybee Turtle Trot 5k

Tybee recently hosted its 13th annual Turtle Trot 5k, which included the release of rehabilitated sea turtle, “Pikes Peak” back into the ocean. There was a great turnout, and all of the proceeds went to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center’s Sea Turtle Conservation fund. At the Turtle Trot 5k, I was fortunate enough to pick the brain of Allie King, a community engagement member of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center on Jekyll Island.

Tybee Sea Turtle Fun Facts

  • Only 1 in 4,000 juvenile sea turtles make it to adulthood
  • Loggerhead sea turtles are not considered adults until they reach 60 years old
  • A sea turtle’s sex cannot be determined until they reach 30 years old
  • Their sex is determined by the temperature of the sand that their eggs are laid in – “girls are hot, boys are cool”
  • Sea turtles use the moonlight to guide them back to sea. This is why the artificial light is so harmful to them – it can mislead them!

Sea Turtle Nesting Season on Tybee

Remember, the sea turtles that visit Tybee to nest are either threatened or endangered. It is up to us to ensure they will continue to visit Tybee. Don’t forget to turn your lights off if they are near the beach by 9 pm during nesting season which is from May 1st – October 31st. You can also volunteer your time with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project!