2020 Vacation Rental Maintenance

Updated Maintenance Request Policies & Solutions to Common Maintenance Service Requests.   

Before every arrival, our team performs a thorough maintenance inspection. We are dedicated to being proactive instead of reactive. However, from time to time, a maintenance issue will come up, and you need assistance. You are our guest, and it will continue to be our pleasure to help when these issues come up. Due to COVID-19, we have revised our standard procedure for responding to maintenance requests. The new policy is being initiated to protect you and our team. Until further notice, if you have a maintenance situation and require a service call, we ask that all guests be out of the home. Our maintenance technicians will enter a home with gloves and masks to perform all needed service calls. Once the service request is complete, you will receive a courtesy phone call to let you know that the maintenance technician has left your vacation home.  

Many times, a service request may be quickly resolved without having to schedule an on-site service. Below is a list of some of our most common service request calls and their solutions. 


I just got to the house, loaded the refrigerator with my groceries and it is not cooling down.

All refrigerators are inspected prior to your arrival. If you arrive at your vacation rental and stock the refrigerator with warm items (drink cans, etc.) then it will take up to 8 hours for the refrigerator to cool back down. The combination of the open refrigerator door and the warm items will increase the temperature inside the refrigerator. 

TV is not working. 

Most TVs may have multiple devices connected to the TV. It is likely that the input needs to be changed on the TV. Please use the TV remote and go through the available TV input options. The TV remote will be labeled. 




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