Tybee Beach Renourishment 2014

In an effort to battle erosion and storm damage, the Tybee beach renourishment for 2014, will bring in fresh sand to Tybee’s shoreline. The beach protects the dunes, without this renourishment, the dunes would wash and blow completely away. Workers are scheduled to be done before the New Year for the grand total of $11 million in local and federal funding. A kick- off “sand throwing” ceremony was held last Tuesday, with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and our Governor, Nathan Deal. The Army will be studying our beach to decide how well we would weather a hurricane, and to keep records of how much the beach has been eroding and longshore sediment distribution. They are also managing the construction of this project and  help to minimize costs by determining different solutions.

10/25 Center St.

10/28 3rd St.
11/4 1st St. (Big Curve)
11/9 Gate access (Ft. Screven)
11/14 Officer’s Row
11/19 Gullick St.
11/24 North beach parking lot
11/30 North Federal Groin
Starting south from 8th
12/1 8th St.
12/2 9th St.
12/3 10th St.
12/4 11th St.
12/5 12th St.
12/6 13th St.
12/7 14th St.
12/8 15th St.
12/9 16th St.
12/13 17th St.
12/16 19th St.
12/17-20 Back River
12/19-27 Break down of Equipment and start demobilization
12/29-30 Remove subline from beach
1/1 Done

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