Autumn comes to Tybee Island!

seaoats  The beach is a place where many people come to re-nourish their souls. Cares seem to wash away when the waves are kissing at your toes. That hectic life you ran away from seems so far away that you never want to return. A busy life is what we are accustomed to, but why? Life is so much more enjoyable strolling along the beaches searching for seashells and soaking up local color.
As summer drifts away, Autumn peeks her bashful head out and begins to bring down cool breezes. This begins a beautiful period here on Tybee. As the sea oats deepen from pale yellow to a deep gold, they wave in the wind and say farewell to hot weather. Fallen leaves prance along the ground daring you to dance along.
Sunsets are to die for! Skies are painted in reds, oranges, and even pinks. It’s hard not to smile while gazing at a gorgeous Tybee sunset. You can look forward to reading a book on the beach swings or watching the birds fly down to escape the harsh winters from up north. Scan the coastline to observe container ships bringing cargo into Savannah ports. The dolphins also chase the shrimping boats into port at Lazaretto Creek. The way the sunlight glistens over the top of the ocean will bring you peace of mind. You will be on cloud nine for days from the pure ecstasy of the simple things that most people take for granted. Science has proven that the beach cleanses your body of negative energy. It surely shows! A day on the beach is like a day in paradise.

Dance along the tides, wish upon the stars, and always have hope, even when there is none in sight.

(Photo by Caitlin Salter)

Labor Day Activities- Fun on Tybee Island!

Labor Day fun for everyone!

 Labor Day Activities are planned for this weekend to celebrate the holiday. Join the fun with Tybee’s finest at our annual Labor Day Beach Bash! The live entertainment opens with Big Engine on Saturday and the Swinging Medallions on Sunday. The fireworks will blast off around 9:15 p.m. on Sunday night. You may also want to check out the Tybee Lighthouse. There will be a large selection of vendors at the “market” (10am-4pm on Sunday.) Some items in the boutiques are handmade items such as soaps and jewelry, mosaic pieces, bamboo crafts, and an area you can design your own pieces of art.
-Oceanfront Cottages

(Photo by Caitlin Salter)

Black Skimmers on Tybee

The Black Skimmer is a year round resident here on Tybee. Primarily, skimmers will be near the bird sanctuary on the north end by the Lighthouse area. When nesting, the parents’ take turns kicking up sand behind them to “scrape” up a depression to build a nest to lay theirblackskimmers eggs. Nests are usually small at around 10” wide and maybe an inch deep. Eggs are pale cream in color with pink or brown spots. The male and female take turns incubating the eggs. Hatch-lings will immediately leave the nest and will lay in the depression. This area is a lower temperature and parents will shield them from the sun. Babies are even known from time to time to dig their own depressions.

Babies are born with the upper and lower mandibles the same size. The lower jaw does grow quickly. It takes 24 days before they are able to take flight; parents have to feed them during this period. Babies are fed almost exclusively during the day. Adults can easily scoop fish as they skim the top of the water. They are mostly nocturnal or crepuscular, meaning that they are most active at night because the water is calmer with fish closer to the surface.

With their long wings, this allows them to make sharp turns while flying. If you are lucky enough to catch a flock, you would think they were flying dogs because of their “barking” cries. Being very social birds, they tend to stay with their flock and nest in the same areas each year. Larger colonies are more successful; smaller ones usually feel the urge to relocate.

In New Jersey, Florida, and North Carolina skimmers are on the state protected list. Big concerns for this species popped up in 2010 during the BP Gulf Coast oil spill when 263 birds were affected. Federally, however they are not protected or considered endangered. Their official status is of least concern and thank goodness. We love having these beautiful birds here on our island!

The Tybee Island Experience

Tybee Island is the prized island jewel of Coastal Georgia, nestled just east of Savannah outside of all the hustle and bustle of city life. You will know you’ve arrived once you pass over the Lazaretto Creek Bridge and peer out over the Cockspur Lighthouse and the area marina. You will see the waves breaking along the shore and if you are lucky you can catch the dolphins following the shrimp boats in. You may also see ttybeebeachhe big cargo ships cruising along the coastline. The neck of the Savannah River meets the Atlantic Ocean on North Tybee. On your left coming in, check out the Tybee Oaks which houses some of the best little shops on the island. Then, head down to the lighthouse at the first red light, just take a left. You can climb all 178 stairs to the top for an amazing view of the North side of Tybee.
As you make your way further south along Highway 80, you will notice a colorful array of homes and shops. We are all about some southern vintage charm! Don’t forget to check out the Pier area. This is the heartbeat of the island and where everyone wants to be in the summer. There is the Tybee Island Marine Science Center if you are bringing children along. It has a good selection of the area wildlife in their touch tanks. If you are feeling adventurous, you can plan a beach ecology trip through the Marine Science Center. Tour guides will direct you along the beach and show you some sites that you might not see otherwise.
As one of Georgia’s coastal islands, we enjoy a great variety of wildlife and natural wonders…The beaches are clean, the water brisk…come down and experience the wonder of island living…we’d love for you to stay with us! We offer 1-7 bedroom condos and homes, oceanfront and ocean view…You can check them all out on our website or feel free to stop by and see us in person!

Warm summer wishes,
Oceanfront Cottage Rentals
(Photo by Caitlin Salter)

Mother’s Day is here!

Inlet Breeze

Sunday is Mother’s Day! Honor your mother in all the days of your life. One day you’ll look back and miss the time you never spent with her. You’ll miss those laughs and memories of the past long forgotten. Listen to the stories she tells and the life lessons she is passing along. Treat her with respect and kindness every day, not just the designated “Hallmark” holiday of Mother’s Day. You shouldn’t need someone to tell you to appreciate the people you love in your life. Think of that this year and reflect on changes you should make to better enjoy life and the people in it. What makes your mother special? What makes her mom? What have you done for her lately? Does she know how much you appreciate her? Make sure by planning a last minute getaway for your Mom! She deserves it! We can do a 2 night stay within 5 days of reservation check-in. Check out this adorable cottage, Inlet Breeze that is within walking distance of all the shops and pier on the South end of Tybee…

$728/2 nights last minute! What a deal, and what a great location. Take your lovely mother for a stroll down the beach and a nice little dinner at AJ’s Dockside! We are open until 9pm tonight!  (800-786-5889)

Saint Patrick’s Day!

It’s hard to believe that Savannah’s 189th Saint Patrick’s Day celebration is only 3 days away! Tomorrow, Tybee will kick off the festivities with the Irish Heritage Parade. The parade will begin at 3 p.m. at city hall.

For those of you that haven’t had a chance to experience the Savannah Saint Patrick’s Day parade on this lucky day, I will forewarn you that it is a riot! The parade is such aPup-Pup good time for all ages, but there is also history behind all of the fun.

Hibernians (natives of Ireland) marched the streets of Savannah in 1813 to honor the death of Saint Patrick of Ireland, giving way to Savannah’s very first Saint Patrick’s Day parade. As more Irish immigrants inhabited Savannah, the tradition became bigger and bigger until the parade became what it is today, the 2nd largest in the world!

Why not be a part of that, yourself? While most of Savannah is probably booked solid, we still have some amazing homes available with some great discounts 🙂 Just give us a call and join Oceanfront Cottage in celebrating on this awesome fun-filled day!  Erin go Bragh!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Oceanfront Cottage Rentals on Tybee Island!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Oceanfront Cottage Rentals on Tybee Island!

Hello, all. The holidays are here! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Christmas. Oceanfront Cottage Rentals on Tybee Island would love to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a wonderful and prosperous New Year! Here are some photos for you to enjoy of the lights on Tybee! Wish you were here 🙂

Lounging Santa
Lounging Santa

Christmas Lights

Christmas_Tybee Island_Lights_Christmas Lights
Christmas Pirate Ship at Oceanfront Cottage Rentals

Christmas Lights

Halloween on Tybee Island

16344_1055351722145_5397404_nHalloween is almost here! Does everyone have their costumes ready?! Trick or treating will be held on the night of Halloween on the usual Lewis Avenue. I can’t wait to see some of the ghouls, ghosts, and goblins! (Princes and princesses too 🙂 Happy Halloween, everyone!16344_1055353002177_3708404_n

Tybee Temperatures

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We get this question all the time…”What is the weather like for that month?” This is not an easy question to answer! During the “winter”, I can be wearing shorts one day and a coat the next. Of course my definition of cold is probably completely different than most of yours! It is currently 73 degrees in the office and I am wearing a winter coat 🙂 That being said, here are the average temperatures for Tybee as well as the average rainfall. Hope this helps!

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Pirate Fest is Almost Here!

Ahoy maties! Pirate Fest is right around the corner. Do you have your peg legs and eye patches ready? For those of you that aren’t familiar with it, Pirate Fest is a 3 day festival full of pirates and their wenches, food, fun, music, activities for junior pirates, and lots of pirate booty. You can get a weekend pass for $22 (in advanced) or buy just for the individual days. Friday is $12, Saturday is $15, and Sunday is free. Be sure to look for us or even join in at the Pirate Victory parade! All you landlubbers grab your parrots and head on down to Tybee for a fun filled weekend. Hope to see you there! Arg 🙂