“History Nut?” Or maybe just looking for something different at the beach…..

Well, let Oceanfront Cottage Rentals tell you about a piece of history on Tybee Island.

Fort Pulaski is a preserved war fort that was mainly used during the Civil War. First built in the 1830s used as a prisoner of war camp and finished construction by 1845. The fort also attracts over 400,000 visitors a year.

Did I mention Fort Pulaski is one of our great nations national parks? It is definitely a must-see when visiting Tybee Island. The fort is located right off of hwy 80 on Tybee Island. Fort Pulaski has something for all ages, for example, the amazing tours. Where you’ll learn all about the history of Fort Pulaski, and how the union soldiers took the fort. Saturdays on Fort Pulaski are known for their cannon firing reenactments. Did I also mention Fort Pulaski was pet-friendly? That’s right you can bring your four-legged family members to enjoy this historical site also.[beach at Fort Pulaski is pet-friendly]

So when you’re vacationing with Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, remember to see this beautiful piece of history, Fort Pulaski.

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