Countdown to Pirate Fest!

Who else is excited about next weekend? Have you procrastinated like me and are still on the hunt for a costume? There are still options! If you are looking to go all out, there are several costume stores around Savannah that probably have just about everything you would ever need to be the perfect pirate. But maybe you you are a little more crafty and don’t feel like spending that much money. Not a big deal! Homemade costumes are just as good, if not better! Just stop in to your local Goodwill or craft store. WikiHow has a great tutorial for making them. With a little imagination, you can turn everyday items into the perfect pirate or wench costume 🙂 That’s what some of our staff has done! You’d be surprised what you can do with a long dress and a little velvet. We’re so excited to see all of you you in your pirate garb this year!

If this is your first Pirate Fest, Tybee Island is taken over by pirates from all of the place. Three days full of pirates, wenches, and fun! We are only a week away! Don’t forget to say hello next Saturday. We will be on our very own Oceanfront Cottage pirate ship!

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